Acts 12:24 Churches Leadership

A System for Regional Oversight as we Steward, Expand and Multiply the Kingdom of God

The Oversight System At Work

Acts 12:24 Churches is expanding at a good rate. It is a delight for us to affirm the Holy Spirit gave us a continuing solidification of current ministries throughout our conference and stirred our hearts towards a multiplication movement that is beginning to

flourish with the formation of new churches planted by existing churches.

As a conference, our standard is to provide healthy oversight to churches and pastors within every region. We want to listen to, support, and encourage our churches and pastors. We want to develop within the conference policies, structures, and substructures that enable us to live out our culture and values organically and dynamically.

For such, we organized ourselves in a scalable structure –The Regional System.

Our regional oversight system comprises a well-trained personnel team functioning at a high-level organizational leadership model.

The regional leadership team (Regional Superintendent, Regional MEG Chair, and District Leaders) functions in a semi-autonomous way implementing our strategic directives for collective impact and expansion through the Enduring Initiatives

Ministry & Opportunities

Established Churches
Appointed Pastors
Church Planters
Ministerial Candidates

Meet Our Leadership

“I am honored to serve in this conference for my twenty-third year as a conference superintendent. I have a great sense of blessing to have been a part of Acts 12:24 for all these years and a great sense of thanksgiving for the people I have been blessed to work with. Acts 12:24 Churches continues to enjoy the Lord’s favor as we seek to grow his Kingdom.”

Rev. David Harvey
Conference Superintendent

Conference Office

Rev. Myller Olivio
Executive Superintendent
Gyselle Olivio
Administrative Assistant
Rev. Eric “Tupper” Ware
Director of Operations
Rev. Jack Steele
Systems Analisis & Audit

Regional System

District Leaders

Sixto Tolentino
South Boston – MA
Gerson Bido
North Boston – MA
Rev. Nancy Barrow
Eastern New York
Rev. Kevin Rollo
Windsor – NY
Rev. Jose Sosa
Bronx – NY
Rev. Robert Castro
Brooklyn – NY
Rev. Contantino Gonzalez
Allentown – PA
Rev. Ken Platt
Wilkes Barre – PA
Rev. Tasha Hover
Philadelphia – PA
Rev. Erick Collado
Paterson – NJ
Rev. Jose Tapia
South Jersey – NJ
Rev. Rudy Saharig
West Orange – NJ
Gyselle Olivio
Baltimore/Washington – MD
Rev. Kayleigh Clark
Baltimore Metro – PA
Rev. Rich Edwards
Washington DC Metro
Rev. Blake Wood
Rev. Manoel Olivio
Fort Myers – FL

Regional MEG Chairs

Rev. Erasmo Capellan
Connecticut & Massachusetts
Rev. Larry Light
Eastern New York
Rev. Maria Rodrigues
New York City
Rev. Erick Collado
New Jersey
Rev. Ariel Ramos
Eastern Pennsylvania
Rev. Fred TenEyck
Rob Morgan

Regional Superintendents

Rev. Giselle Bido

Boston Metro

Rev. Dukens Boliere


Rev. Jack Steele

Eastern N.Y.

Rev. Joel Guzman

New York City

Rev. Myller Olivio

New Jersey

Rev. Doug Cross

Maryland -Virginia

Rev. J.R. Rushik

Eastern P.A.