Central African Network

The Integration between Central Africans and the FMC in the U.S

If unusual movements of God’s Spirit are an indicator He is at work, then God is definitely up to something with Acts 12:24 Churches.  One of the indicators that “God Is Up To Something” is the number of church plants that are starting.  Some church plants are the result of the Community Church Planting model developed by Bruce Bennett, others are developed through careful planning and research, but some of them seem almost to happen on their own and the conference leadership does not even know about them until they have been going for awhile.

Roanoke F.M.C.

Eight years ago a Free Methodist congregation of Central African refugees came to Roanoke, VA. They had been worshiping as an established Free Methodist church in various African refugee camps for decades prior to coming to the United States. Upon arriving in Roanoke, they continued to worship and pray together as best they could within the confines of a local Anglo church. Over the past several years, they have connected with the FMC-USA through our conference the Acts 12:24 Conference, and have branched out on their own forming the Roanoke Free Methodist Church. The Lord was so gracious upon them where just six months after incorporating this first Central African Free Methodist church in the U.S. they were able to purchase  a 12,000 sqf  warehouse, which is under renovation to become their fellowship community center.

Salvation Band

A wonderful worship band from Roanoke FMC

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