Church Planting Training

What Are Our Distinctives?

  • Our method is simple
  • We only train those who sense a deep call to reach their community or a target area.
  • Our training gets you active quickly, and in a good pace for church growth.  
  • Our training sets you on a path for multiplication

Hands-On Approach

Church Planting

The work of our church planting movement is to nurture obedience and deploy disciples to the various ministries people sense their calling to be.

We are concentrating our work on five strategic areas where the nurturing of obedience can be most effective.

So we believe through DBS (Discovery Bible Studies)Church Planting, dynamic Family Ministry, and Mentoring and Ministerial Support we can output effectiveness toward Kingdom Expansion.


Prayer Base

We are intentional about creating a very large and powerful prayer base so that our churches produce obedient disciples and that the families in our churches be marked by holiness that in turn, reproduce obedient disciples and Christian families.


Readily Deployment

To plant thousands of churches, we have created a simple deployment system that can deploy thousands of “workers” into the harvest field quickly after they sense that Jesus is sending them.


Effective Training

Our training system consists in using the same coursework seminaries around the globe use. The only difference is that workers don’t sit in a classroom. Rather, they learn their curriculum as they implement it daily in their ministries.


What Is An Obedient Disciple?

Jesus said, the harvest is great but the workers are few, pray for the Lord to send workers for His harvest. (Luke 10:1 Paraphrased)

An Obedient Disciple is the one who has a submissive spirit towards Jesus, shows a deep love and compassion for the lost and far from God, has a heart of gratitude, and an unquenchable desire to speak out the redemptive work of salvation and hope for the future in Jesus Christ.

We are looking for those Obedient Disciples whom Jesus is calling, then, we can deploy in a more dynamic way, equip them with hands-on ministry and train them to plant thousands of churches for Jesus in America and anywhere in this world.