Besides church planting,
we are also passionate about equipping families

Acts 12:24 Churches has crafted a dream family vacation where you can enjoy life long memorable moments with those dearest to you.

Our Aim is to have A Christ-Centered family experience inviting families to laugh, pray, and enter into the presence of God together.

Just imagine a family event in the largest indoor water-park in America. How much fun you think you could have ! Held at Kalahari Resort, it allows you all the joys of your typical vacation: water slides, good food, and an opportunity to rest.

However, as a Christian Family Conference, it gives your time away a greater depth of meaning. Providing opportunities for you and your family to encounter God, to grow stronger as a family rooted in Christ, “Together” is sure to send you home not only well rested, but equipped and encouraged to go home and live as the Christian family God created you to be.


Why Family Conference

We celebrate the many wonderful ways that God is on the move – planting new churches, reaching the lost, making disciples, and sending workers into the plentiful harvest. 

We also thank you, for your tireless ministry and commitment to the vision of Stewarding, Expanding and Multiplying the work entrusted to our care, work that includes not only churches, but crucially, the families that compose them.
In fact, it is because families are so central to the mission of the church that we are pleased to send you and your church an official invitation to Together Family Conference – Together Family Conference 2020. Building on the success of previous years gathering, which drew over 800 participants, we are preparing for an even bigger and better event filled with everything from laughter and quality family time, to thrilling adventures and relaxing fun at the water park, to times of prayer, learning and discovery of skills that will promote understanding and living out the characteristics of a Christian family at home. 

With careful planning going into considering all age groups, and even those without families present, there should be something for everyone at Together Family Conference 2020, and we hope that you will enthusiastically encourage your own church family to make a priority of attending our conference flagship event.

We understand that there are many opportunities for vacations and events this summer, but we truly hope that your church will participate in this event far beyond the required attendance at the Tuesday morning Annual Conference session – we hope that you will go all in, bring a big group, and enjoy Together Family Conference 2020 to the max!



Acts 12:24 Annual Conference 


Fun For All

Acts 12:24 Churches is committed to providing your family with an event with fun and creative experience that will equip you with the skills you need to be a family that lives like Jesus each and every day. So this summer, join us for a family vacation that will help you be the family God has called you to be.

Priceless Moments

invest in your family in a way that blesses your family and the lives of those around you.

A thrilling experience with laughter and togetherness in an environment suitable for family and memories. However, The greatest thing we can do for our family is to surrender to God.

During this conference we will guide you toward a family covenant and provide an opportunity to offer yourself and your family to God. Our prayer is that you encounter God in a personal way


Did you attend last conference?


Fun for every one. Even toddlers did not shy away from all excitement!

“It was fun, cant wait to go back! …the water slides were the best ever!”

Event Schedule

Annual Conference and Worship

Come and celebrate Jesus with us. This event is filled with 

Ordination Ceremony

Give your support for all those that have responded to the calling to serve Jesus in the ordained ministry

Resourcing pastors through breakout groups

Short, practical and fast-paced breakout group sessions, combined with meaningful application for your church and ministry

Enjoy a meal and have fun in the water-park again

Montergon Place, 23th Desember

What to expect at Kalahari


America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark – 223,000 sq. ft. ans State-of-the-Art Convention Center – 200,000 sq. ft.


Worship band comprised of many of our Free Methodist talented instruments players and singers


Most families will be able to share one room (two double beds and a pull-out couch. There is availability for a larger room upon request (fees apply)

Kalahari Together Family Conference


Take Advantage of the Early Bird Special before it closes  January 31, 2020

Registration is now closed

Location & Venue

Check In starts Sunday, July 19,
at 1 pm

Attention! You can only enter in your room after 4pm. You are more than welcome to enjoy; the water park all day starting at 10 am. its included in your stay 

There will be light refreshment at 1:30 pm check in time.

Conference Starts
at 7:00pm

At the Kalahari Convention Center


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