Church Development Network

God is at work, and the courageous men and women of the Acts 12:24 Churches are at work too. As a result, churches are being planted at the rate of about one every 10 days within our region!

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New Groups

Groups that our church leaders have started from various method like: Bruce Bennett’s, T4T, Steve Addison

Answering to a calling

Personal calling to develop or start a new group

A Desire to Expand

Free Methodist churches initiative with effort to expand rthe Kindom of God

Kingdom Expansion at Work

So Who Are We?

In one sentence, we are platform that thrusts church planting. The  Church Development Network “CDN”, was born as a church farming system, based in the growth and expansion of the primitive church in the the Book of Acts. This system has a simple set of instructions for its implementation. It requires very basic biblical course work, where ministerial candidates and those aspiring ministry are utilizing this platform to fulfill their calling; putting at work their gifts and graces as they complement their journey towards ordination in the Free Methodist Church USA.

Are you sensing the Lord's call for you to start a church?

Do you feel your church has plateaued?

We are here to help your church to succeed!

Resourcing Churches

We have the resources to help you develop your leaders as we train in evangelism, discipleship, and local church structure

Mobilizing Members

We can help you create a system where your church can be obedient in reaching out to the unchurched ones. 

Healthy Environment

In the CDN,  we care for congregations during crises and transition times


Every church needs spiritual covering!

We provide that stability that comes from experienced leadership with sound doctrine, and oversight for pastors


We help  your church to plant new churches, either through traditional church planting or through multiplication of groups and congregations through Community Church Planting

Legal Matters

Guidance for administrative and legal matters such as purchasing buildings and immigration issues.

An important part of getting to the next level for any organization is to know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. The CDN exists to advance and multiply churches.
David Harvey
Acts 12:24 Churches

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We will reach out to you, so we can start this long term relationship that will enable you to fruitfulness in fulfilling the Great Commission

Read some successful stories of those that are part of our family

You can be successful in ministry, too !

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Pastor Dorivaldo

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Pastor Olivio


Pastor Erode