Our Work In Every Region

Why Regions?

For Acts 12:24 Churches to become a large organization that can reach many people for Jesus, it was necessary for us to build a robust and productive system that can consistently create growth in healthy ways. The work of Acts 12:24 Churches is accomplished through the efforts of a regional leadership teams which lead the region in a semi-autonomous fashion. This system provides an oversight through which we can listen to the needs of every church, support and encourage our pastors in the field, as well as start new churches. This system enables us to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges that may arise within our conference area.

At present, our conference is organized into a seven-region structure under the leadership of our conference superintendent and executive superintendent. Each region functions in a coordinated endeavor comprised by the Regional Superintendent, MEG Board (Ministerial Education and Guidance Board), and District Leaders

Northern New England

NJ / NY Metro

Eastern New York

Eastern Pennsylvania

Boston Metro

Maryland - Virginia


Central africans