A Spirit-Filled Movement to Steward, Expand, & Multiply the Kingdom of God

Our Work

Acts 12:24 provides the necessary quality and healthy environment so churches can plant churches which in turn plant churches.

Our drive is to expand the Kingdom both through the growth of our current churches and through planting new churches. We exist to care for churches; and to encourage, train, and assist the starting of new churches.

We can provide you with the spiritual covering that you need; with resources to help you grow your church and mobilize the people in your church to win souls for Jesus.

We Are Intentional About Kingdom Expansion

We seek to experience growth and expansion through healthy churches and families!

Pastoral Training

The Acts 12:24 Churches uses an outcome-based pastoral development approach. This approach responds to the overall expectations for pastoral development across the Free Methodist Church – USA. Yet we implement some priorities in the Acts 12:24 Churches that represent how our conference is uniquely shaped by our Enduring Initiatives – Steward, Expand, & Multiply and the priorities of a Disciple-Making Movement.

We place our focus on “formation” not just “information.” We place our focus on “development” not just completing a “checklist” of classes and activities. We place our focus on “discerning” (hearing from God) not automatically “awarding a certificate.” We provide for “front-line training” not requiring “re-locating” to get an education.

The LMC|CMC journey is built around an Outcome-Based Formation Plan that is primarily focused on the Outcome-Based Criteria & Approach.

At the core, we want you to establish a lifestyle of rigorously studying the Bible, studying works of theology, and studying how God works and reveals Himself in all of Creation. You should intentionally include training and educational courses in the Outcome-Based Formation Plan that strengthen you in needed areas of knowledge and skill. The Regional MEG Board makes the final decision on when a CMC has completed the necessary training and education.

Equipped Families

Together Family Conference is a ministry for families. We want to discover the many blessings the Lord has for families. Families were created by God and he has promised a good future for your family.  Why aren’t we seeing these promises flow in these days then? Maybe your family looks like a single parent raising a couple children and you are wondering what will the future be for them? Or your family does have a mom and a dad, but in the busyness from each day, the time to cherish and encourage your family has been depleted.  

That is what we are here for. Together Family Conference is here to resource and equip families so they find meaning and fulfilment as families, where they together can love Jesus each and every day of their lives.

Our vision is that children will grow up as obedient disciples of Jesus Christ and will start their own Christian family in which the father, mother, and children live as obedient disciples of Jesus Christ. We want your children to grow up in a Christian home so that their children can grow up in a Christian home.  We want Christian families to reproduce Christian families.

Church Planting

We want to see a church planting movement where churches multiply and reproduce obedient disciples of Jesus.

Why this matters: Local churches are pregnant with potential. They are lasting pillars of Truth in a community. Church planting is the best methodology under heaven to carry out the Great Commission by making obedient disciples of all nations, that the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

Another way to say it: We want to see churches reproducing churches, pastors/leaders reproducing pastors/leaders, and obedient disciples reproducing obedient disciples.

Why this matters: The first words God spoke to humanity were “be fruitful and multiply and fill the whole earth.” The only way to outpace population growth with the Gospel is through multiplication. Evangelism isn’t complete until the evangelized becomes an evangelist. A church isn’t fully mature until it gives birth to another church. A pastor isn’t fully mature until giving birth to another pastor. And a disciple isn’t fully mature until giving birth to another disciple.

Acts 12:24 Churches in Regions

For Acts 12:24 Churches to become a large organization that can reach many people for Jesus, it was necessary for us to build a robust and productive system can consistently create growth in healthy ways.

I continue to dream and pray about a revival of holiness in our day that moves forth in mission and creates authentic community in which each person can be unleashed through the empowerment of the Spirit to fulfill God’s creational intentions.”

-John Wesley