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Acts 12:24 provides the necessary quality and healthy environment so churches can plant churches, which in turn plant churches.

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Family Conference

Besides church planting, we are also passionate about equipping families.

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We exist to care for churches and to assist starting new churches

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Unleashing Kingdom expansion through Disciple Making Movement

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We seek to experience growth and expansion through healthy churches​

Our drive is to expand the Kingdom both through the growth of our current churches and through planting new churches.  We exist for caring to churches; and to encourage, train, and assist the starting of new churches.

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Together Family Conference 2021
Online Resources For The Entire Family! Join Us There


Together family Conference Online!

Together Family Conference is a ministry for families. We want to discover the many blessings the Lord has for families. Families were created by God and he has  promised a good future for your family.  Why aren’t we seeing these promises flow in these days  then? Maybe your family looks like a single parent raising a couple children and you get wondering what will be the future for them? Or your family does have a mom and a dad, but in the busyness from each day the time  to cherish and encourage your family has been depleted.  

That is why we are here for. Together Family Conference is here to resource and equip families so they find meaning and fulfilment as families, where they together can live Jesus each and every day of their lives.

Our vision is that children will grow up as obedient disciples of Jesus Christ and will start their own Christian family in which the father, mother and children live as obedient disciples of Jesus Christ. We want your children to grow up in a Christian home so that their children can grow up in a Christian home.  We want Christian families to reproduce Christian families.

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Fun for every one. Even toddlers did not shy away from all excitement!

“It was fun, cant wait to go back! …the water slides were the best ever!”


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