Acts 12:24 Churches

A Spirit-Fueled Movement to Steward, Expand, and Multiply the Kingdom of God

We are intentional about providing the necessary quality and healthy environment so churches can plant other churches, as we grow our organization by simply leading people to Jesus

The Work That Matters

Our drive is to expand the Kingdom both through the growth of our current churches and through planting new churches.  We exist for caring to churches, to encourage and train pastors and church planters and assist in the starting of new churches.

Additionally, we resource and equip families so they find meaning and fulfillment as families, where they together they can live Jesus each and every day of their lives.

We want to discover the many blessings the Lord has for families. Families were created by God, and he has promised a good future for your family.

Ordained Ministry

Are You Sensing A Calling For Ministry?

If you are sensing God’s call to the ordained ministry, start by taking this necessary step to understand what the Holy Spirit is really saying to you.

Initiate conversations about your calling with your lead pastor or someone from the your local church leadership, and also contact us for more information.

Our Main Event

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Acts 12:24 Churches


Together Family Conference

July 21 – 23, 2024 – Lancaster, PA

We exist to resource and equip families so they find meaning and fulfilment as families, where they together can live Jesus each and every day of their lives.

Our vision is that children will grow up as obedient disciples of Jesus Christ and will start their own Christian family in which the father, mother and children live as obedient disciples of Jesus Christ. We want your children to grow up in a Christian home so that their children can grow up in a Christian home.  We want Christian families to reproduce Christian families.


A Christ-Centered family experience inviting families to laugh, pray, and enter into the presence of God together

Godly Speakers

Resource for families to come home equipped and encouraged to live as the Christian family God created them to be

Family Memories

Invest this time in your family, create memories and strengthen bonding in your family and in the lives of those around you.

Priceless Moments

A thrilling experience with laughter and togetherness in an environment suitable for family fun despite of size and age!

Event Countdown

Don’t let this life-changing experience pass you by. Register Today!

Acts 12:24 Churches In Action

We strive for results that are pleasing to God in everything we do. It requires a deep dependence on the Holy Spirit to achieve the desired excellence from the work of our hands as we resource and empower others so they can fulfill their calling and purpose towards one goal –Making Disciples That Make Other Disciples, who will make disciples.

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36

The Power of Network in Stewardship & Expansion

If you want your ministry to grow or the Lord is calling you to plant a church, we want to help fulfill that call.
Contact us today, and you will be surprised by the tremendous opportunity that is made available as we walk alongside with you

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A resourceful church planting setting for training and coaching various startup churches and ministries

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Spitiual Covering

A simple and spiritual organizational structure to help your church grow or to start a new church

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Acts 12:24 Churches

An organization with Kingdom Work in mind as we steward well the various ministries and churches under our care

We have dozens of churches under our spiritual covering; however, what thrills us the most is the fact that we have, trained, empowered, and commissioned hundreds of church planters into the harvest field.
Wouldn’t you want to be one among them?

Contact Us Now

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