About Acts 12:24 Churches

Acts 12:24 Churches is an organization committed to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through local churches.

We exist to care for churches and to start new churches, and providing a healthy environment for churches to thrive both in qualitative and quantitative results is the singular focus of our work. We take our name from the verse of Scripture Acts 12:24, which describes the fruit that we desire to see from our work,
“Meanwhile, the word of God continued to spread, and there were many new believers.”

We function as a conference of the Free Methodist Church in U.S.A. In addition, we sponsor Acts 12:24 Church Development Network (CDN), a network that nurtures new churches and congregations that are not yet part of the Free Methodist Church family.

Enduring Initiatives

We believe our system of Enduring Initiatives enable us to keep our focus firmly on local churches as we aim to reach 20,000…+ people.
Enduring, because we visualize a continuous and clear focus on these goals for over many years.
Initiatives, because we want pastors and local churches to bring their initiative and creativity to these tasks.


God has blessed Acts 12:24 Churches in many ways, and we wanted to steward well every local church, care for every pastor, the pastor’s family, and every local church member that God has  entrusted to our care.

To steward well what God has given us, Acts 12:24 Churches functions in a regional system comprised of seven regions. Each region is led by one regional superintendent, one regional personnel board (MEG – Ministerial, Education and Guidance) and several district leaders.


Growth is essential to an organization. They ensure that we are maximizing our resources productively.

Acts 12:24 Churches wants to expand the Kingdom by growing at therate of 6% per year. We seek to experience growth and expansion through healthy growing churches and church planting.

We want to encourage churches and pastors to see new conversions each year, to move the Kingdom forward through a growing local church, and focus on church planting.

The goal is to involve as many congregations as possible in planting a new church. We have seen success in new church planting by local churches. As a result, more churches and pastors are participating in the “churches planting churches” vision.


Acts 12:24 Churches is also committed to starting a church multiplication movement based on the church planting model based of Luke 10. That is, we deeply believe in the simplicity of this model that portrays two main areas: the person of peace  and the funding as Jesus had declared the resources to plant churches are in the harvest. While these churches start with a small group, they are not intended to be house churches only, but to develop into a more structured church. 

This model uses one common practice, finding obedient disciples called by Jesus, and teaching new disciples to obey Jesus by making other disciples. 

Our model resembles T4T, Movement that Changed the World, Bruce Bennett, No Place Left. Many church planting movements have been very successful around the globe,but not in the North America. Since the day we clearly heard from the Spirit to dedicate our lives to the quickly expansion of the Kingdom, we have developed the Lanes to 1000+ Churches and our aim is the “Relentless Pursue of Obedient Disciples”

Our Structure & Leadership

Conference Superintendent

David Harvey

“I am honored to serve for over twenty years as superintendent of Acts 12:24 Churches. I continue to be humbled by this opportunity to serve Jesus and his church. My faith remains strong, my vision for his Kingdom is clear; and I am expecting God to do greater things than we have already seen for the years ahead of us.”

Myller Olivio

Executive Superintendent


Eric ’Tupper’ Ware

Director of Operations & Risk Management


Gyselle Olivio

Office Administrator


Church Development Network

JR Rushik

Director of Strategic Alignment


Chris Pulice

1,000+ Churches Church Planting Facilitator


Regional Leadership